Trump Phenomenon Explained (From 2012-13)

Trump Phenomenon Explained (From 2012-13)

by C. Edmund Wright on December 2, 2016

Yesterday a loyal reader sent me this as a reminder — words I had written in late 2012 – for a book published early 2013. Kinda nailed it….

‘One of the widespread misconceptions about this disdain for the establishment is the assumption that the only source of tension is their betrayal of conservative principles. That’s certainly part of it, but their timidity when confronted by the media or by Democrats is just as central to this antipathy.

If anyone doubts this, consider the splash Donald Trump made by firing a few shots across Obama’s bow in the spring of 2011. His first salvo involved Obama’s birth certificate, but once the battle was joined, Trump then lit into Obama on China, OPEC and jobs.

All of this was incredibly refreshing. Trump let his anger at Obama show, and he eschewed any hint of robotic political speak. He was real, fearless, passionate, and in Obama’s face. It was an astonishing contrast to the flaccid tone taken by the GOP’s house eunuchs.

Talk radio and the political message boards exploded with visceral support for Trump, much of it from hard-core conservatives. He was such a sensation that Rush invited him on air for an extended interview, a rarity on that show.

Support for the Donald was so deeply felt on some websites that any anti-Trump commentary was harshly rejected as typical party establishment turf protection.

Of course, there is just one teeny tiny problem here. Trump is no conservative. Not even close. All of which indicates that conservatives were yearning for a fighter even more than someone who was philosophically sound. Christie’s rise had also proven this, as many conservatives were enamored with him throughout 2010 and 2011. Trump, however, is more demonstrably liberal than Christie, and far more so than even squishes like McCain. Trump had the perfect public tone, but he’s a doctrinal mess…’
–FROM Wright, C. Edmund. WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again (pp. 208-209). Ross James Publishing. Kindle Edition.”

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