The “You Can’t Make This Up” File for…well, just for today…

by C. Edmund Wright on January 3, 2018

When the benevolent right wing troll (his own words) says that “black lives don’t matter to BlackLivesMatter…”  – he is being literally correct, and not merely provocative. Consider Baltimore: the city caved to pressure from BLM months ago and removed a lot of cops from certain predominantly black neighborhoods.

So, how did that work out?

Baltimore is back on pace for record murders this year, and black on black crime is the reason. Way to go BLM!!!

So Orrin Hatch is retiring, FINALLY. The man has been feeding at the public trough since 1976, and will finally step down from his post as a “public servant” after 42 years – seven full Senate terms. Hatch’s career is what is wrong with Washington. He has gotten rich as a public servant. He has led the Senate in lobbying donations for many years. His political team is now ratcheting up the pressure on some of those companies to fun the Orrin Hatch Center, which will no doubt be a museum of lies, the lies of “public service.”

Hatch has “serviced” the public the way a solider on leave “services” a prostitute. His career is Exhibit A of the “House of Cards” that is Washington.

And ole Joy Behar has stepped in it again on “The View” – proclaiming that the United States is now “one step away from stoning gays.”  C’mon Joy, seriously? I don’t think Milo feels threatened.


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