Regrettably Trump, but NEVER ObamaCare

by C. Edmund Wright on October 28, 2016

As Published today at American Thinker, although under a much weaker headline (for some reason….).

On Wednesday afternoon I made the trek into town, and scratched in the little circle next to next to the names Donald Trump and Mike Pence. It made me a bit queasy honestly, but so did scratching in the circle next to the name of establishment RINO Richard Burr for Senate, as well as scratching off next to the name of the incoherent incumbent Walter Jones for Congress.

Of course, my vote is not enough for these creatures...who have the same thin skin their phony hero has.

Of course, my vote is not enough for these creatures…who have the same thin skin their phony hero has.

One vote for a New York liberal, one for a mini-McConnell, and one for a misanthrope loon who has managed to be loathed by both the House Freedom Caucus, as well as by the office of Speaker John Boehner (and now Speaker Paul Ryan, too, no doubt).

Can I have some Tums now?

Frankly, my conscience took a pounding in the booth, but the civic exercise of voting is not about my conscience, or gastro-intestinal health, or anything else related to me personally.  At the risk of sounding cliched, it’s about the country, and the Court, checks and balances, and so much more. I’m not in any way responsible for the choices I was given – as I opposed all three of these people in the Primaries – and the Primary season was the last time that my conscience was anywhere close to being on the ballot.

I think we should talk more about elections in these terms frankly. We rarely do.

Consider: Americans are an odd lot when it comes to voting, taking the least personal vote – that for President — and giving it a personal reverence that is logically absurd. Meanwhile, in local school board races, or those for Alderman or what have you — races that really are somewhat personal to individual voters — there is rarely any personal attachment at all. It’s all part of the upside down Republic we have now, where our central government becomes a bigger part of our lives every day. So many people talk about “my President,” which is just as phony as the notion of going to the website of a huge corporation and having an interaction with “My Target,” or “My Bank of America,” by clicking on an icon.

People should be more concerned with “my liberty,” because neither of the individuals running for the Oval are the least bit interested in that topic, unless you count wanting to infringe upon it as interest.

MY VOTE IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH: See the Trumpanzee reaction to the article HERE    is there any wonder I loathe them? 

Speaking of which, Obama Care, as it always does, has become a big issue in the last two weeks of the campaign. This happened in 2010, and 2014, and is happening now. I have no doubt that Obama Care is one reason we are seeing a tightening race, and I firmly believe we are.

Funny how those premium notices can focus the mind of a voter. It’s also interesting how those premiums can focus the mind of Republican consultants and ad buyers too. Let’s hope for the barely possible, that it can focus the ever rambling mind of Donald Trump for a couple of weeks as well. Obama Care, not Lee Harvey Oswald or carping about this and that being “rigged,”  is an issue he can ride to victory.

Yet he seems as un-interested in understanding “why” Obama Care is a disaster, though he does say something bad about it from time to time, you know, with his “best words” and so forth.  But does Trump even know who Jonathon Gruber is? Does he think the main problem with Obama Care are those “lines around the states?”

Don’t bother, I know both answers. But enough negativity, so let’s look for a bright side.

To his credit, Trump did unveil a reasonably attractive “Contract with the American Voter” over the weekend. It was about six weeks too late, but there were actually a couple items in there about reducing the size, scope and influence of the Federal Government. I especially liked the one where every new government regulation would mean two existing regs are taken off the books!

Well da-yum. That actually is a valid Reagan comparison.

Several weeks ago he delivered the best line of the entire campaign – when he said “it used to be we made cars in Flint and couldn’t drink the water in Mexico — now we make cars in Mexico and can’t drink the water in Flint.” He didn’t write that line, and his proposed solutions indicate that he’s not totally clear on the liberalism that has caused both situations, but hell, it’s a start.

And this week, Trump’s speech at his new Washington Hotel’s grand opening was his best moment in the campaign. Had he been running a campaign like that for months, he would be 15 points ahead.

Trump's strategy to insult his way to unity and victory is failing, and there is no one to blame but him and his angry followers.

Trump’s strategy to insult his way to unity and victory is failing, and there is no one to blame but him and his angry followers.

All of which to say that there are ways Trump can win, though I doubt that he and his staff will agree. The avenue for Trump is the realization that a Hillary Clinton victory will mean some kind of Obama Care mess for everything in our lives. It would be a Socialist bureaucratic hell on earth, just like every Socialist state on earth is.

Getting anything done in life would be like pulling teeth, including pulling teeth. Our lives would be run by un-elected and un-accountable and largely anonymous bureaucrats. They would be enforcing regulations they write, or perhaps those contrived by un-elected, un-accountable and largely anonymous staffers in Congress. Taxes, fees and fines would pop up from everywhere.

There are millions of people who just want Washington out of their lives. Many of the mare Never Trump or Maybe Trump. They’re sick and tired of being falsely accused of being establishment elites, or pearl clutchers, or cuck-servatives. (They’re not the ones in dire need of the alpha male. There, I said it.) Throwing a few more bones in their direction could turn the tide November 8th. Besides, it’s the right thing to do.  Limited government is a crucial principle, and it works, every time it’s tried.



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