Realities about illegal immigration and jobs most Americans ignore: Top 5 LIST

by C. Edmund Wright on January 31, 2017

NOTE: As I have time, this list will expand.

Illegal immigration is a tremendous problem, and one that must be addressed. I applaud the idea of securing the border, be it a wall like Trump is talking about, or other measures. We have no sovereignty if we have no southern border.

There seems to be this simple and misguided notion that every illegal alien who is making a bed, mowing the grass, cleaning the toilet, etc, is taking a precious job from a red blooded American citizen who is drug free, industrious, and champing at the bit to have that job. They think all we have to do to solve our jobs situation is to make sure that these coveted jobs go to real “murikans.”

This idea of the low skilled workforce was bullsh-t in the 50s, and even more so today.

This idea of the low skilled workforce was bullsh-t in the 50s, and even more so today.

What’s the word for that? Oh, right. Bullshit. And there’s a lot more BS that is normally believed.  Here’s a partial list of widely believed falsehoods, and the necessary corrections.

1. TAKING JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS: if you believe this, find a job opening in any low skilled or unskilled labor position, and apply. You’ll get it. Period. And you’ll be offered more money than Hispanics for the same work. Any white American or African American can get any of these jobs at any time. Try me.

2. DON’T PAY TAXES: Most illegals work for companies that have formal payrolls, like landscape contractors, building contractors, janitorial contractors, or restaurants. They have taxes withheld EVERY FRIDAY  – much tied to phony social security numbers – and sent to the gummint. And guess what? Washington knows this and they do NOT return that money. Don’t be too exorcised about the casual labor you see at Home Depot on Saturdays or whatever. That’s a tiny percentage of the problem, and you don’t want that damned job anyway.

3. CAN TELL WHO IS ILLEGAL: Illegal aliens look just like legal immigrant workers. They have the same names. They have paperwork that looks the same. They are often related. E-verify, like every massive government program, is flawed and inefficient, and for  now, a new program and not fully implemented.

I know you and all your friends are just dying to have a job doing this in a motel, aren't you?

I know you and all your friends are just dying to have a job doing this in a motel, aren’t you?

4. GREEDY BUSINESSMEN: Funny how conservatives who fully understand that when it comes to taxes, expenses, etc, that price increases or decreases are actually passed along to the customer – are somehow oblivious to the fact that if a company they buy from – goods or services – saves money by hiring Hispanics, that they as customers benefit. The notion that businessmen hire illegals due to greed is just absurd. The notion that they alone benefit is even more absurd. In a competitive industry, and all low skilled industries are, chances are that the customers benefit MORE than the company. Again, this part of supply and demand doesn’t seem to apply in the minds of some “conservatives.”

5. THEY PERVERT THE MARKET WITH LOW WAGES: The pay is not that low. There’s no one doing this kind of work for 5,6 bucks under the table. The pay is not even the issue. Staffing up is the main issue. Too many of our ritalin and video game babies simply will not do the same routine job day after day, let alone month after month. Many times the Gringo will get hired, and quit 3 days later.


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