Bannon 2014 Versus Bannon Today

November 20, 2016

Full disclosure: I know Steve Bannon, and in fact Bannon is who is responsible for my contributing to Breitbart for the past several years. He even came up with an entire series for me to author (Rove-Stupid: The New Definition of the Establishment) – based roughly on my book WTF? How Karl Rove and the […]

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About that Trump Wave, and those hated Republicans in Congress

November 15, 2016

As of Tuesday morning, House Republicans have a 3.7 million vote advantage over House Democrats in the recent elections. Meanwhile, Trump is down about 600 thousand votes to Hillary Clinton in total votes. Do the math: the Trump wave is getting trounced by the hated House Republicans by 4.3 million votes. Hey, this is good […]

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In Victory: Trump World Still Malignant

November 14, 2016

  Here are the wonderful words of Trumpanzees after Kristol’s magnanimous praise of Trump on one of the Sunday Shows:  Kristol, George Will, and all other #NeverTrump so-called pundits should be burning in Hell. I pray for them to be put in much pain. Bill Kristol should stay remain in the two foot section of […]

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THE TAKE: Reluctant Trumpers Validated

November 10, 2016

History will vindicate and validate the “reluctant Trump” voter as the wisest course of action during the 2016 cycle. It already has, when you dig into the numbers a bit. I do it HERE at American Thinker.    

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Trump’s Movement? Hold Your Horses a second

November 9, 2016

The Clinton political machine, grimy and scuzzy and incompetent in many ways, has finally been crushed. It took 25 years to do it, and along the way the Clinto’s caused a lot of problems, but it is now dead and gone. Good riddance, and thank you Mr. Trump for that. However, about this massive movement […]

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Nobody Forced Trump to……UPDATED

November 7, 2016

UPDATE: Trump obviously did not lose, yet the following analysis is still valid. A campaign can be compared to a football game, in that you can score or give up points during the entire process, and points scored in the first quarter count exactly the same as points scored in the final seconds. If Donald […]

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TRUMP-mentum: But is it enough?

November 5, 2016

James Comey’s re-opening of the Hillary Clinton “national secrets for sale” corruption investigation fell on top of several other currents moving in Trump’s direction, and without a doubt – it has jeopardized what seemed like a sure fire Hillary Clinton’s victory  2-3 weeks ago. The Comey factor is not alone, however. First, Trump was benefitting from […]

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Andrew Breitbart – From the Grave – May Swing 16 Election

October 29, 2016

One of great ironic, and iconic, moments in American political history was the day Andrew Breitbart accidentally hijacked an Anthony Weiner press conference. Not only was it pure coincidence (Andrews was in New York for other media events, and just happened to be staying three blocks away), it was the turning point in the Weiner […]

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Regrettably Trump, but NEVER ObamaCare

October 28, 2016

As Published today at American Thinker, although under a much weaker headline (for some reason….). On Wednesday afternoon I made the trek into town, and scratched in the little circle next to next to the names Donald Trump and Mike Pence. It made me a bit queasy honestly, but so did scratching in the circle […]

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Obama Care to the Rescue? (Premiums up, HRC Margin Down)

October 26, 2016

In 2014, the Republican establishment found the religion of running against Obama Care — finally — in the last two weeks of the campaign. That strategy moved every close race into the Republican column and the Democrats were dealt a big blow in 2014. So even an establishment that is incapable of running effectively against […]

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