Jeffrey Lord’s almost sexual infatuation with Trump: He goes Code Pink to defend the Donald

by C. Edmund Wright on January 29, 2017

Perhaps no longtime conservative has fallen so far intellectually in the pursuit of promoting the infallibility of Donald Trump as Jeffrey Lord. Formerly of the Reagan Administration, and since a writer and cable news contributor, Lord has seemingly jettisoned common sense and many core principles since June of 2015 in a race to be the most sycophantic Trump bot in the media.

Since June 2015, Jeff Lord's eyes have been closed to Trump's flaws. He hit a new low this weekend on CNN however.

Since June 2015, Jeff Lord’s eyes have been closed to Trump’s flaws. He hit a new low this weekend on CNN however.

He is certainly in the running for that, and I would give him the edge over Sean Hannity (never as intellectually solid as Lord used to be) and over Rush Limbaugh (has not gone quite as far off the cliff intellectually as has Lord). But it’s a crowded field.

And perhaps Lord reached a new low this weekend on CNN, as he goes Code Pink and blames Bush for 9-11 – parroting his hero alpha male from the debates – as a way to try and defend Trump’s EO vis a vis Syrian refugees.

Makes you just want to slap the sh-t out of the guy.

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