In Victory: Trump World Still Malignant

by C. Edmund Wright on November 14, 2016


Here are the wonderful words of Trumpanzees after Kristol’s magnanimous praise of Trump on one of the Sunday Shows: 

Kristol, George Will, and all other #NeverTrump so-called pundits should be burning in Hell. I pray for them to be put in much pain.

The Trumpanzees are totally graceless in victory. Imagine them in defeat...

The Trumpanzees are totally graceless in victory. Imagine them in defeat…

Bill Kristol should stay remain in the two foot section of a think tank. Anything more requires water wings.

There are openings at the Clinton Global Initiative. Maybe Bill Kristol has what it takes to fill one.

Shh. You can almost hear the slithering as he tries to snake his way back into relevancy.

Shove it, Kristol, where your dim-bulb light doesn´t shine.

Yo, Billy Boy: I cancelled my subscription to the Weekly Standard (your magazine) and am doing my best to convince others to do he same. You are a two-bit loser who has shown every card he had to play and they´re all scraped off the bottom of the barrel. I´m done with everything you do, say, support, or endorse. Most of all I´m sick to death of your insipid grin as you hurl unfounded arrows and make one stupid comment after another. Just shut up and go away and take Steve Hayes, Romney, Goldberg and your other pals with you. But be sure to announce it tbecause you all are anathema and no one will miss you unless they´re told you´re gone. Talk about going from a place where you were respected to the hind end of a large, dirty hog…you did it. Enjoy the results of what it means to be a two-faced pig.

The “whatever one thinks of Mr. Trump” stuff needs to go, Bill. Millions of voters proved there is more
skepticism about the character attributes of the elite media, the Uniparty members and GOP pundits than about Mr. Trump.

Nobody cares what you thing, Bill.

Whatever one thinks of Bill K., he´s still a jerk – may his so called publication slowly sink into the deep sea!

Trying to hang on to your job Billy Boy? From my lowly perch I see that you should have thought of that about a year ago. Bye bye.

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