Andrew Wilkow, David Webb, Wright on Sirius Radio and Blaze TV (UPDATED)

by C. Edmund Wright on March 27, 2013

A number of years ago – on a day when Rush was allowing one of his weaker replacements to fill in on his show  – I decided to tune into satellite talk radio and see what they had going on between noon and 3 for conservatives. That’s when I was introduced to Andrew Wilkow, and the “Wilkow Majority.”  As a student of truth and logic, I was instantly fascinated by Andrew’s thought process.  He absolutely “gets it” and may be the most logical voice on talk radio / talk TV.  I am not at all surprised that his career has continued to flourish, even though he had the steep uphill battle of being on opposite Rush.

That’s why it is a special honor to appear today on both his XM Sirius Radio Show (The Wilkow Majority) at 1:20 EDT – and his new Blaze TV Show (WILKOW!) tonight between 7 and 8 EDT.  We will discuss problems inside the GOP and the conservative movement in light of my new book, WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.

UPDATE: Andrew and I had a rocking 20 minute discussion of Rove, the consultant class, the GOP and the conservative movement on his Wilkow Majority radio show Wednesday afternoon – and we followed that up with further discussion, including XM Sirius host David Webb, on The Blaze TV’s WILKOW, focusing on Ben Carson, race, and the Republican Party.




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