Trump Trends: Down, then up, Now down again?

by C. Edmund Wright on August 23, 2016

Donald Trump was in pretty good position coming out of the GOP convention. He had a bit of a bump, and was ahead in a good number of polls and close in the others. I felt like he had about a 60% chance of winning at this point.

Then he had his dog days…about four horrible weeks. This started primarily with the public tiff with the Gold Star parents, and went downhill from there.
The polls turned ugly, very ugly, for the Donald.

It looked to some as if there was no way he could win. I had gone from 60-40 Trump to 70-30 Hillary would win – although plenty of time left in the game.

Then Trump changed his tone in a speech in Charlotte. Shortly after that, he announced that Steve Bannon of Breitbart would be the new CEO of a Campaign (what the hell ever that is) – and that Kelly Ann Conway would be his new campaign manager (we know what those are).

Meanwhile, Paul Manafort and his Russian oligarch connections (we know what those are too) were sidelined.

And the polls tightened. Trump really did demonstrate that if he was not drop dead offensive, that a weak candidate like Hillary would by default bleed support to him. Not to be confused with Megyn Kelly’s bleeding.

I’d have called it 50-50, maybe the slightest edge to Clinton.

Of course, this tamping down was counter intuitive. Bannon’s hire was seen as an indication that Trump would be even more Trumpish, not less. So did Bannon and Conway change his tune? Or was that something that started before Bannon and Conway that seemed to be working?

I could believe either.

Now however things appear to be headed downhill again. In the last 18 hours, we’ve seen Trump step into it with immigration and deportation, backing way off the stance his religious zealot fans projected for him.

To make matters worse, he then praised OBAMA for deporting a lot of people, and said he would do the same. (I’m Hillary Clinton and I approved this message).

Now multiple reports out there about Trump actually making money on his campaign. I guess by self-funding, Trump meant the campaign would be funding himself.

So what we’ve seen in the past day is the deterioration, if not destruction, of the first two pillars of the Trump candidacy. That would be his tough stand on illegal immigration – and his independence because he was rich and was self funding.

Reality 2 Trump Fantasy 0

Now I predict we’ll see a few good days ahead for Hillary. Back to 60-40 Hillary. But stay tuned. Debates, BLM attacks, terror attacks, and so on can change things in a minute.

Funniest Political One Liner….Ever!

by C. Edmund Wright on August 5, 2016

And dadgum, I didn’t write it….Kevin Williamson at NRO did and it’s spit out your coffee funny…..

“…Trump, a draft-dodger whose disabling bone spurs seem to have disappeared (mirabile dictu) once bragged that evading sexually transmitted diseases over the course of what he promises has been a somewhat exotic sex life was his “own personal Vietnam,” so perhaps he believes he earned that Purple Heart at the Battle of Poontang.

See the rest of the article here:


UPDATE: This didn’t take long. The very morning after his speech, Trump was out again referencing the JFK Oswald Cruz connection and praising the National Enquirer. Then on the Sunday Shows he again mentioned this idea of starting a Super PAC against…..CRUZ AND KASICH.

Only a shallow child man would do say such things. Only shallow people will follow……


The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz’s actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment. On the second point, let’s not quibble over who seduced whom.

I know that the conventional wisdom is that Cruz committed suicide. Good. Let’s check the scorecard of conventional wisdom.

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Donald Trump might have written The Art of the Deal, but the title he should peruse today is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. His more vocal supporters, and by that I mean those who act out on the internet precisely as Donald does on the stump, should pick up a copy as well. Both the candidate and his hard-core supporters have missed the idea that it is the job of the winner to unite a party.

Oddly the Trumpists defend their offensive and insulting demeanor by saying that neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney reached out to voters like them. Uh, well maybe…and how did that work out again? And Trump has not learned this lesson to date.

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