Greg Brannon will debate Edmund Wright on the NC Senate Race

Greg Brannon will debate Edmund Wright on the NC Senate Race

Tonight I debate my good friend Dr. Greg Brannon – who was the main challenger to Thom Tillis in this year’s Senate Primary – over his vocal non-support for Tillis.  It is important to mention that Brannon is the only person in this race that I know – is who I ardently and publicly supported – and is someone who would have made a fabulous Senator.

However, he is wrong on this issue, and I think I will make a pretty good case for that tonight, 6:05 EDT on 850 AM.

Frankly I doubt Tillis will rise to fabulous. I’ll take okay, given that the only other viable option is horrible – and that’s Kay “Rubber Stamp Vote for All Things Obama” Hagan. And to be fair, Tillis is not Mitch McConnell or Thad Cochran – two Republicans perhaps who should be sacrificed to the Dems.


Methinks this means her internal polling ain’t looking good – and that African American turn out looks low. Or, she could just be a typical despicable race pimping liberal witch.  Or maybe all of the above.

How pathetic: a picture of racist Democrats from the 60s - and somehow that's what we have today?

How pathetic: a picture of racist Democrats from the 60s – and somehow that’s what we have today?

2 Ebola Czars, Both Political Hacks, and Government Failure

by C. Edmund Wright on October 21, 2014

So Mark Steyn was on with Hannity last night ,discussing how Ebola demonstrates a teachable moment on big government effectiveness – or actually, that lack thereof. He’s on the money.

I think I can safely say this information is on a related subject: The Government has been paying, and is still paying, a bureaucratic Democrat hack to run a special office for Ebola.

Her name is Dr. Nicole Lurie.

Dr. Nicole Lurie heads a massive bureaucracy that should be on top of Ebola: I think she's at Grateful Dead concert instead...

Dr. Nicole Lurie heads a massive bureaucracy that should be on top of Ebola: I think she’s at Grateful Dead concert instead…

And yes, she’s under investigation for funneling Ebola research money to her Democrat crony friends. THIS is why government is almost NEVER the answer: liberals look at all of the money as a slush fund. To hell with whatever the bureaucracy is supposed to handle – the bureaucracy is only working for its own bureaucrats and its crony connections – which probably helped get them appointed in the first place.

But I digress: here is a story on our “other” Ebola Czar.

And keep in mind, with some fan fare, we were introduced to the “new” Ebola Czar this week: Democrat operative (ie, HACK) Ron Klain. Appointing hacks to important positions is one reason Steyn is right, that government inherently is flawed.

NC’s 100 $ Million Showdown: Will Thom Tillis Eke it out?

by C. Edmund Wright on October 20, 2014

Hagan was the most embarrassing Democrat on the "you can keep" broken promises on Obama Care

Hagan was the most embarrassing Democrat on the “you can keep” broken promises on Obama Care

The money has just poured into North Carolina this season for the Kay Hagan – Thom Tillis Senate race. Hagan, a pro Obama Care Democrat incumbent, has done everything she can to never mention Obama, Obama Care, Harry Reid or the word Democrat in any ads or appearances. She refused to be seen with Obama on his last visit here.

And yet, the Tillis Campaign, nor the Super PACS supporting him (ie, ROVE) , have done a good job of pointing this out. The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) campaign has even been worse. They are letting Hagan distance herself from Obama – all of this after appealing for fund raising in email blasts – even using Ben Carson in one – on the basis of rolling back Obama Care. And yet, that’s not the campaign they are running.

Hagan was perhaps the most vulnerable Democrat on Obama Care. She bumbled and stumbled badly, and for months, after the roll out. She made the “you can keep” promise many times, including several after it was known to be false. Tillis, who ran a crisp primary campaign, has run a horrible General Election campaign. Sure the money pouring in on Hagan’s behalf has made it tough, but this should be a ten point race now.

Here’s the Charlotte Observer story on the spending. It’s typical liberal media fare, leading with the Koch Brothers and never mentioning that Hagan’s groups have far outspent pro Tillis groups.

Karl Rove: Weapon of Mass Delusion

October 19, 2014

  No one is surprised that Karl Rove was involved in a cover-up. However, leave it to Karl – the “boy genius” and the “architect” – to orchestrate a cover-up that actually hides information exculpatory to his President and his party. Yes, he did just that. This is not an outlier either. This is just […]

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Rove Lied – The Bush Presidency Died (stunning WMD revelations)

October 17, 2014

Karl Rove lied, and Bush’s presidency died. Truth died. So did the electoral chances of a lot of good conservatives who were defined and stained by the Bush Rove messaging machine. At least he’s making me look like a prophet, or a genius, for being onto him for 13 years! One of the main criticisms […]

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Top Ten Reasons for Mitt to Run….AWAY!!

October 16, 2014

As published in American Thinker: Run, Mitt, run. Yes, run far, far away from the Republican primary season that starts in 2015. You may be a fine man, but you are not going to be president, and you are not the answer for the Republicans in 2016. You could have/should have been both perhaps, but […]

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More Evidence Karl Rove’s Clout is Dwindling (Wright way ahead of this curve!)

October 15, 2014

So Karl Rove’s “vaunted” political machine Crossroads is rethinking their strategy? They are not going to be involved in the 2016 Primary fight? Times, they are a changing. Finally. This was evidenced (again) yesterday in this stunning report from Breitbart. Here are some samples: Karl Rove’s American Crossroads, which futilely declared a war on conservatives, […]

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GroundHog Day: Mitt 2016 Just Won’t Die

October 14, 2014

(NOTE: Added a full feature article Thursday on this topic: see above) Puh-leeze. That’s all I can say about this infection that just won’t go away – the notion that Mitt Romney will/should run in 2016. Should he? Absolutely not. He ran the worst possible campaign against the most failed President ever, and got clobbered. […]

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Ted Cruz Advocates for Virtual Congress in SC Appearance

October 13, 2014

Yes, he did. Not directly. Not intentionally. Not by name – but when you look at almost all of his opening jokes and one liners – they all had the same theme: that Washington is dreadfully and hopelessly out of touch with the rest of America. And of course, that’s true. Or, as Cruz sniped: […]

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