CNBC’S Squawk Box was just astonishing this morning.

Becky Quick, who shamelessly flirts with Warren Buffet, is not on CNBC for her brains.

Becky Quick, who shamelessly flirts with Warren Buffet, is not on CNBC for her brains.

Becky Quick and Andrew Ross Sorkin – who I think are both female – could not wait to hijack an economic interview that Joe Kernen was having with Senator Ted Cruz and change the subject to gay rights. Especially Quick. It was so blatant and shallow as to be embarrassing, as if liberals had any capacity for embarrassment. This is CNBC, right? This is the financial channel, right?

Apparently not. Like ESPN at times, CNBC is more committed to their liberal agenda than to their mission.

It happened like this: Kernen, who is insufferably a Manhattan-Washington conventional wisdom thinker with no understanding of life outside that cloistered corridor, is at least generally conservative and was having a discussion with Cruz on the Obama economy. Kernen went to the conventional talking points about the Stock Market boom and the unemployment figures as away to test Cruz. Cruz crushed it, laying out precisely how and why the stock boom was divorced from main street, and then took apart the fraudulent unemployment rate with an explanation of the historically low “workforce participation” rates. Cruz was doing very well.

And liberal info-babe Becky Quick could not stand it. She broke in with “BREAKING NEWS” to stop the interview. What was the news? That Apple CEO Tim Cook had issues a press release indicating that he was “proud to be gay.”

Okay, fine. So he’s gay. And so he’s proud of it. Good for him. But is this breaking news? Of course not. That is, not unless a conservative Senator is doing too well in his explanation of the disastrous Obama economy. And Cruz was, so Quick broke in with the “breaking news.” It was overt. I was almost embarrassed for her, it was so infantile and buffoonish.

Cruz handled it well, explaining that the Tea Party movement was not about social issues – that it was focused on limited government and economic freedom – and tried to move on.

Andrew Ross Sorkin is CNBC's resident Pajama Boy....and he earned that today.

Andrew Ross Sorkin is CNBC’s resident Pajama Boy….and he earned that today.

But Andrew Ross Sorkin – who will never be accused of being macho – would not allow it. He kept bringing the conversation back to the issue of gay rights as quickly as possible. Cruz finally called him out on it a little bit, and that helped the interview get back on track.

Then of course, CNBC had to retaliate. They scheduled a last minute interview with – wait for it – BARNEY FRANK. They had Frank on to bash Republicans war on womanish men and to drool over Cook’s “courageous” and “important” press announcement. I’ll have some pull quotes later.



Hillary Clinton remains the smartest woman in the world...til she opens her mouth.

Hillary Clinton remains the smartest woman in the world…til she opens her mouth.

You remember in the 1990s when everybody in Washington, including frightened Republicans, were falling all over themselves to rush to the microphone and insist that Hillary Clinton was just so brilliant. Smartest woman in the world we were told, by everyone from Bill Clinton to Newt Gingrich.

It was quite astonishing to watch.

The harsh light of time and reality, however, are crashing down upon this notion of Hillary’s brilliance. As you’ve probably heard, a couple days ago at a campaign stop in Massachusetts – she threw out the red meat line to the low information liberals in the audience that businesses do not create jobs. Being low information voters, the crowd ate it up. They loved it. They believe it. Like I said, they are low information.

And of course, with Elizabeth Warren also on the stage, Hillary had to say this. Remember, it was Warren who first posited the idea that entrepreneurs and business owners  “didn’t build” their businesses. Obama parroted it in the infamous Roanoke speech. This is what the low information crowd believes and it’s what they want to hear.

Elizabeth Warren: Is it just me, or do all the ugly liberal angry white women look alike?

Elizabeth Warren: Is it just me, or do all the ugly liberal angry white women look alike?

But Hillary has a problem. She has some big donors and some other backers who know better. She also doesn’t want this kind of sound byte haunting her down the road. Thus she’s come out with a clarification. And this only makes it worse. She stumbles and stammers something about “short hand” and “meant to say” blah blah blah. Something about outsourcing, which she never mentioned. In other words, never mind.

She knows her low information voter base, at least those who tend to like Warren and Obama, hate business and are ignorant of it. There is just no way to thread the needle here – between appealing to low information dolts while saying something reasonably accurate. This is her conundrum and that of all liberals.  With Obama liberalism on display now for six years, there is no place for them to hide. This is not the position one would expect to find the “smartest woman in the world.”


Kevin McCarthy surrendering before the election - on the verge of victory

Kevin McCarthy surrendering before the election – on the verge of victory

Leave it to the GOP establishment to surrender – a week before near certain victory!

This is beyond words – with the Republicans perhaps on the verge of a major mid term victory in eight days – the House Whip (whipped) has come out and tried to tamp down idea that the Republicans will oppose Obama fiercely – even though that’s exactly why they will be elected (if they are elected in the majorities).  Not that anyone in Washington, let alone a GOP establishment hack – would have any idea what normal Americas are thinking at home outside the damned beltway.

Here is the story now from The Politico.

I am really continuing to just loathe these establishment tools. They are so out of touch with the country. This story too has a VIRTUAL CONGRESS iCONGRESS feel to it.

UPDATE: A nationally prominent conservative media figure familiar with McCarthy has just emailed me that McCarthy is the “dumbest and most dangerous of the bunch” – with the bunch referring to House establishment leadership Republicans. This kind of insight is helpful, since I do not have access to these numbskulls face to face. 

Thank you Senator Mark Udall. You just nailed it sir.

You just can’t make this stuff up. Too funny. Too true. Freudian slip and all of that……

Here is story. 


Democrat Senator Mark Udall: Just another race pimping liberal in election trouble in 2014

Democrat Senator Mark Udall: Just another race pimping liberal in election trouble in 2014

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