Why Some Trump Support is Downright Scary

by C. Edmund Wright on January 18, 2017

Can't you just imagine some of these folks making the inane comments in abject ignorance?

Can’t you just imagine some of these folks making the inane comments in abject ignorance?

Would you call it insanity to be so in the tank for Donald that you lose all sense of reality? For instance, how about trashing the Republican Congress for a tariff bill that is VERY CLOSE to what Donald has been promoting for 18 months?

Would that be insanity? Maybe, but at the very least, it’s childish and cultish and just down right ignorant. Read the comments here that prove my point about some (notice I said some) Trump supporters.

This is, to quote Donald, “sad.”

Trump Phenomenon Explained (From 2012-13)

by C. Edmund Wright on December 2, 2016

Yesterday a loyal reader sent me this as a reminder — words I had written in late 2012 – for a book published early 2013. Kinda nailed it….

‘One of the widespread misconceptions about this disdain for the establishment is the assumption that the only source of tension is their betrayal of conservative principles. That’s certainly part of it, but their timidity when confronted by the media or by Democrats is just as central to this antipathy.

If anyone doubts this, consider the splash Donald Trump made by firing a few shots across Obama’s bow in the spring of 2011. His first salvo involved Obama’s birth certificate, but once the battle was joined, Trump then lit into Obama on China, OPEC and jobs.

All of this was incredibly refreshing. Trump let his anger at Obama show, and he eschewed any hint of robotic political speak. He was real, fearless, passionate, and in Obama’s face. It was an astonishing contrast to the flaccid tone taken by the GOP’s house eunuchs.

Talk radio and the political message boards exploded with visceral support for Trump, much of it from hard-core conservatives. He was such a sensation that Rush invited him on air for an extended interview, a rarity on that show.

Support for the Donald was so deeply felt on some websites that any anti-Trump commentary was harshly rejected as typical party establishment turf protection.

Of course, there is just one teeny tiny problem here. Trump is no conservative. Not even close. All of which indicates that conservatives were yearning for a fighter even more than someone who was philosophically sound. Christie’s rise had also proven this, as many conservatives were enamored with him throughout 2010 and 2011. Trump, however, is more demonstrably liberal than Christie, and far more so than even squishes like McCain. Trump had the perfect public tone, but he’s a doctrinal mess…’
–FROM Wright, C. Edmund. WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again (pp. 208-209). Ross James Publishing. Kindle Edition.”

TRUMP MEGA (Make the Establishment Great Again)

by C. Edmund Wright on November 29, 2016

Names Mitch McConnell’s wife to the cabinet…..LOL – and if that weren’t bad enough, names ultra elitist and ultra globalist Steve Mnuchin as Sec of the Treasury.

Must be a meeting of Trump's Swamp Monster Cabinet.....

Must be a meeting of Trump’s Swamp Monster Cabinet…..

Trump is draining the swamp alright – RIGHT into his administration of swamp monsters!

For amazing intellectual yoga from the Trumpanzee nation, check this link out.

Bannon 2014 Versus Bannon Today

by C. Edmund Wright on November 20, 2016

Full disclosure: I know Steve Bannon, and in fact Bannon is who is responsible for my contributing to Breitbart for the past several years. He even came up with an entire series for me to author (Rove-Stupid: The New Definition of the Establishment) – based roughly on my book WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.

He and I generally agree. Generally being the operative word here.

Bannon in Q and A in 2014 - back when he was concerned about crony capitalism.

Bannon in Q and A in 2014 – back when he was concerned about crony capitalism.

That said, he has never struck me as a white supremacist or an anti-Semite. He is, however, a street fighter who takes things very personally and will win at all cost. That’s not necessarily a bad thing – it is what it is.

He was different in 2014 than he is today however. He was once a big opponent of crony capitalism – it in fact was one of his main animating topics. Today? He’s pro a trillion dollar stimulus (the mother of all crony bills) and a tariff administration (taking lobbying influence to new all time highs).

Stimulus packages and tariffs do not drain the swamp. They enlarge it, and add all kinds of new toxic creatures. More on this later.

About that Trump Wave, and those hated Republicans in Congress

November 15, 2016

As of Tuesday morning, House Republicans have a 3.7 million vote advantage over House Democrats in the recent elections. Meanwhile, Trump is down about 600 thousand votes to Hillary Clinton in total votes. Do the math: the Trump wave is getting trounced by the hated House Republicans by 4.3 million votes. Hey, this is good […]

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In Victory: Trump World Still Malignant

November 14, 2016

  Here are the wonderful words of Trumpanzees after Kristol’s magnanimous praise of Trump on one of the Sunday Shows:  Kristol, George Will, and all other #NeverTrump so-called pundits should be burning in Hell. I pray for them to be put in much pain. Bill Kristol should stay remain in the two foot section of […]

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THE TAKE: Reluctant Trumpers Validated

November 10, 2016

History will vindicate and validate the “reluctant Trump” voter as the wisest course of action during the 2016 cycle. It already has, when you dig into the numbers a bit. I do it HERE at American Thinker.    

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Trump’s Movement? Hold Your Horses a second

November 9, 2016

The Clinton political machine, grimy and scuzzy and incompetent in many ways, has finally been crushed. It took 25 years to do it, and along the way the Clinto’s caused a lot of problems, but it is now dead and gone. Good riddance, and thank you Mr. Trump for that. However, about this massive movement […]

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Nobody Forced Trump to……UPDATED

November 7, 2016

UPDATE: Trump obviously did not lose, yet the following analysis is still valid. A campaign can be compared to a football game, in that you can score or give up points during the entire process, and points scored in the first quarter count exactly the same as points scored in the final seconds. If Donald […]

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TRUMP-mentum: But is it enough?

November 5, 2016

James Comey’s re-opening of the Hillary Clinton “national secrets for sale” corruption investigation fell on top of several other currents moving in Trump’s direction, and without a doubt – it has jeopardized what seemed like a sure fire Hillary Clinton’s victory  2-3 weeks ago. The Comey factor is not alone, however. First, Trump was benefitting from […]

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