CNN is at it again.

By it, I refer to this network’s trend of having their liberal moderators rush to the defense of liberal Democrat candidates when they are under pressure from, well, reality. Who can forget big Candy Crowley’s rescue of a stumbling bumbling fumbling Barack Obama on the question of Benghazi in the second debate with Mitt Romney.

(Who can forget Romney’s pathetic response for that matter? – but that’s another column).

CNN's Wolf Blitzer: Just another partisan hack member of Jurassic Media

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: Just another partisan hack member of Jurassic Media

Last night in New Hampshire Scott Brown was debating, and defeating Jean Shaheen – when Blitzer conveniently forgot what the word “moderator” means and joined team Shaheen.  Going into debate 2 in 2012 – the Democrats and their Jurassic media wing were in a panic. They are now in a Senate panic. All of this is so predictable. Makes me wonder which ring of Dante’s that liberal media members will occupy.

Fridays Quick Hits:

by C. Edmund Wright on October 24, 2014

Trendy NYC liked a far left loon for mayor because this mixed race thing is just so cooool now.

Trendy NYC liked a far left loon for mayor because this mixed race thing is just so cooool now.

So Ebola has now come to NYC. by way of a doctor who went bowling, went on the subway, and maybe to a restaurant with the disease. Oh good.

Of course, I’m sure the ban on large soda’s and table salt foisted on Gotham City by former mayor Bloomberg will have all the residents immune. I mean, it’s not like he would have been exposed to a lot of people or anything. We’ll see how oddball communist and current mayor De Blasio deals with this. I guess there’s no worries, since Governor Andrew Cuomo insisted the Doctor only went out “in a limited way” – whatever the hell that means.

And now this from Kalifornia – yet another union is causing even more poverty of opportunity in the Golden (Parachute) State. Yes, Palmdale is now a victim of an enviro wacko group that is really – wait for it – a front group for a local union. They have tried to blackmail a company building light rail cars – and the company has called their bluff and is leaving the state!

WATCH WHAT YOU EAT: A football coach in Charleston SC has been fired….for eating watermelon with his

Water melon is racist....what does this little white racist think she's doing?

Water melon is racist….what does this little white racist think she’s doing?

players after victories! I guess he would have been better off losing all the time. This PC has GOT TO STOP. By the way, the coach lost his coaching job, but not his teaching job. I think I know what will NOT be used during snack time!

My good friend Deroy Murdock of Fox News/ National Review/Newsmsx touched base with me on my most recent article in American Thinker about Karl Rove and WMDs – and he sent me this link of a piece that he wrote a while back. Some very interesting info in there – wish I had this info before my piece was published.


SELF LOATHING: Obama Pleas for “Cousin Pookie” to vote

by C. Edmund Wright on October 23, 2014

Barack Obama has long said that his base voters “have a congenital defect” against voting in mid term elections.

When you Google "Cousin Pookie" - this is one of the images you get. Did Obama mean him?

When you Google “Cousin Pookie” – this is one of the images you get. Did Obama mean him?

That’s true -maybe even the congenital part – which is why they always have to go to the race card or the gender card in mid terms, even more so than General Elections.

Speaking of the race card, Obama is clearly a racist given to stereo types as well: it must have been his white half who recently told a mostly black audience in Chicago “you got to find cousin Pookie. He’s sitting on the couch right now watching football — hasn’t voted in the last five elections. You’ve got to grab him and tell him to go vote.”

Cousin Pookie? Watching football? Hasn’t voted in 5 elections? I think Obama just called the black youths in America idiots and n’er do wells….lazy even. Can you imagine any white guy, besides Harry Reid or Joe Biden that is, saying this? OMG.


Greg Brannon will debate Edmund Wright on the NC Senate Race

Greg Brannon will debate Edmund Wright on the NC Senate Race

Tonight I debate my good friend Dr. Greg Brannon – who was the main challenger to Thom Tillis in this year’s Senate Primary – over his vocal non-support for Tillis.  It is important to mention that Brannon is the only person in this race that I know – is who I ardently and publicly supported – and is someone who would have made a fabulous Senator.

However, he is wrong on this issue, and I think I will make a pretty good case for that tonight, 6:05 EDT on 850 AM.

Frankly I doubt Tillis will rise to fabulous. I’ll take okay, given that the only other viable option is horrible – and that’s Kay “Rubber Stamp Vote for All Things Obama” Hagan. And to be fair, Tillis is not Mitch McConnell or Thad Cochran – two Republicans perhaps who should be sacrificed to the Dems.


Kay Hagan Skips Normal Race Card: Jumps Straight to Lynching! (AND BREAKING NEWS: She also skipped tonights DEBATE!)

October 21, 2014

Methinks this means her internal polling ain’t looking good – and that African American turn out looks low. Or, she could just be a typical despicable race pimping liberal witch.  Or maybe all of the above.

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2 Ebola Czars, Both Political Hacks, and Government Failure

October 21, 2014

So Mark Steyn was on with Hannity last night ,discussing how Ebola demonstrates a teachable moment on big government effectiveness – or actually, that lack thereof. He’s on the money. I think I can safely say this information is on a related subject: The Government has been paying, and is still paying, a bureaucratic Democrat […]

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NC’s 100 $ Million Showdown: Will Thom Tillis Eke it out?

October 20, 2014

The money has just poured into North Carolina this season for the Kay Hagan – Thom Tillis Senate race. Hagan, a pro Obama Care Democrat incumbent, has done everything she can to never mention Obama, Obama Care, Harry Reid or the word Democrat in any ads or appearances. She refused to be seen with Obama […]

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Karl Rove: Weapon of Mass Delusion

October 19, 2014

  No one is surprised that Karl Rove was involved in a cover-up. However, leave it to Karl – the “boy genius” and the “architect” – to orchestrate a cover-up that actually hides information exculpatory to his President and his party. Yes, he did just that. This is not an outlier either. This is just […]

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Rove Lied – The Bush Presidency Died (stunning WMD revelations)

October 17, 2014

Karl Rove lied, and Bush’s presidency died. Truth died. So did the electoral chances of a lot of good conservatives who were defined and stained by the Bush Rove messaging machine. At least he’s making me look like a prophet, or a genius, for being onto him for 13 years! One of the main criticisms […]

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Top Ten Reasons for Mitt to Run….AWAY!!

October 16, 2014

As published in American Thinker: Run, Mitt, run. Yes, run far, far away from the Republican primary season that starts in 2015. You may be a fine man, but you are not going to be president, and you are not the answer for the Republicans in 2016. You could have/should have been both perhaps, but […]

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