David Brooks is one of the leaders of the "LOW - T REPUBLICAN" coalition.

David Brooks is one of the leaders of the “LOW – T REPUBLICAN” coalition.

Ah yes, the low testosterone Republicans are weighing in this week, apparently hoping that the country will be too stupid (apologies to Dr. Gruber) to know what and why they voted for November 4th. And in case you don’t know what I mean by low-T Republicans – and I did just make up the term – I am happy to explain. These are the formulaic, out of touch Washington/New York Republicans in the commentariat class – who somehow think that real men like Ted Cruz and Mark Levin are the biggest threat to the nation, not to mention the Republican Party itself.

Low T men know who they are. They are painfully aware of their fears, their insecurities and their inadequacies – and they desperately attempt to hide it behind a faux elitism. The truth is, while many of them have honored degrees from bastions of liberal bullshit – like in the Ivy League – many are dumb as dirt when it comes to common sense and moreover, understanding this nation.

Take David Brooks. I don’t even have to look, but I’m damned sure he’s Poison Ivy League grad. Probably multiple degrees. It would take that kind of pedigree to utter the stupidest words in the history of political analysis – that Obama would certainly be a great President based on the “crease in his pants.” Yes, that was Wizard Brook’s analysis in early 2009.

In a sane world, he would never again be allowed outside his mothers basement after uttering such a pathetic banality. He thought he was being brilliant, and would be proven right. How’s that working out for you?

Brooks’ job is to be the liberal who pretends to be a conservative for liberal Jurassic media outlets like PBS, The New York Times, etc. In other words, he’s the Republican liberals like – because he’s malleable and quiet and of course, absolutely no threat to the cloistered establishment (of both parties) big government mindset.

Little Peter Wehner: sometimes people look exactly like what they are.

Little Peter Wehner: sometimes people look exactly like what they are.

And then there’s Peter Wehner – little Peter as he’s known in this publication – who’s claim to fame is that he “worked for Reagan” and is “a good friend of Rush Limbaugh’s.” This is how he gets his conservative cred, or rather, how he fakes it. Wehner has recently taken out after Mark Levin – who really did work for Reagan and who really is Rush’s great close friend, not to mention intellectual soul mate of sorts. Wehner once wrote a piece called “Why Republicans Like Obama.”

Yes, he did. And it wasn’t satire. And little Peter was one who liked Obama. Again, under the Brooks doctrine, such a man should never be allowed keyboard access – let alone publication – again.

NOTE: this piece is also published at American Thinker. 

It’s hard to go more than a few hours without being slapped in the face with some example how out of touch Washington’s wizards are with the country that is increasingly ruled by those same mavens. And there is no more compelling example of this dynamic than the retrograde opinion of Ted Cruz’ filibuster and the resultant “shut down,” concerning which there is still a wrong headed delusion held by almost everyone in town.

Cruz during the filibuster that was going to "end the Republican brand." Yeah, right....

Cruz during the filibuster that was going to “end the Republican brand.” Yeah, right….

Inside Washington, the Republican establishment – and everyone else in the beltway to Manhattan media bubble for that matter – is still obsessed with the few days of shutdown late last year. They are all convinced that it did great damage to the Republican Party, and moreover, will do so in every instance the government is shuttered in perpetuity. It’s our elitists’ first grade equation: shutdown = Republican disaster, period. John Boehner can’t think past it, and neither can Mitch McConnell, Karl Rove, Bret Baier, Brit Hume – or apparently anyone else in either the 202 or 212 area codes not named Ted Cruz.

Certainly not the editorial board of the embarrassingly stodgy and formulaically conventional Wall Street Journal, which labeled Cruz a “minority maker” for this tactics. And no, they haven’t revised their opinion, the 2014 mid terms be damned.

Yet outside of glares given at Washington cocktail parties by reporters, there is no evidence this is the case. Not even a smidgeon. In fact, there is monstrous evidence to the contrary. You might remember the 2014 mid terms? You know, the very thing the WSJ was referring to with the phrase “minority maker.”

Tanned, rested and ignorant: John Boehner

Tanned, rested and ignorant: John Boehner

Nonetheless, the power elites remain convinced they are right even though they could not possibly be more wrong. This arrogance/ignorance combination is driven largely by one factor: total isolation from the rest of the country by almost everyone involved in taxing, regulating and legislating us as well as those who comment on them for a living. None of them know anything about us. It’s two separate planets, as the red/blue map shows.

Outside that bubble of, shall I say “stupidity” – the shutdown is but a distant memory. Actually, many in the real world welcomed the shutdown – and/or realized that there was really no shutdown at all. The only PR damage was that done to the liberal Democrat idea of a bureaucratic state of totalitarianism, as videos of government union thugs going wild went viral. Only perhaps the ‘Gruber stupidity voters’ – not to mention the stupidity media and the stupidity GOP establishment types – are still hung up on the shutdown. Those too smart for Gruber and Obama Care realized from day one that the horror of the reality of Obama Care would far outstrip the phony problems caused by a faux shutdown. We all like Cruz even more as a result.

If the Republican establishment was half as smart as they think they are, they would be crediting Cruz – and his Tea Party supporters – with planting the flag that ultimately resulted in yet another mid term wipe out of the Democrats. With that wipe out, a mandate is indeed clear. Do what you have to do to shut Obama down, and if that means the entire government – so be it.

Cruz remains steadfast in his conviction that his actions were the right thing to do. In an interview a couple months after the filibuster, Cruz said “I have a difference of opinion on how Republicans win. Some in the Washington establishment think Republicans win elections by keeping their heads down and not rocking the boat — not making any waves — and hoping we win in November. I think the way we win is by taking a stand for principle.”

Once the best newsman in the business, Hume is 6 years past his sell by date.

Once the best newsman in the business, Hume is 6 years past his sell by date.

And indeed history is on his side. Rocking the boat and standing for principle worked pretty well in the American Revolution, and also in1980, 84, 94, and 2010. Playing it safe was an exploding cigar in 1992, 96, 2008 and 2012. Oh, and by the way, standing for principle is also the right thing to do!

Concerning the 2014 mid terms, Obama Care was the number one issue on the minds of voters, who seemed more capable of understanding that Obama Care IS the jobs issue, IS the issue of the economy, IS the issue of debt, and is exhibit A in the arrogance and totalitarian reality that is the left’s vision of governance. No thanks to the GOP establishment messaging machine however. The sooner in the campaign Republican candidates figured this out, the larger their margins were. Thom Tillis barely got there in time in North Carolina, in a race that should have been 12 points.

Now as a Republican House and Senate will face Obama and his increasing threats to go around Congress on amnesty, environmental regulations tied to global warming – not to mention what he might do on Obama Care – another shutdown or three might be called for. Again, the devastation of amnesty, an out of control EPA – and yes, still Obama Care – will be far more important to most of the nation than having our precious bloated inefficient and corrupt government pretend to shut down for a few hours.

This is common sense. As such, Washington naturally misapprehends the situation.

It’s bad enough that the pusillanimous McConnell and Boehner have tried to take any kind of shutdown off the table as a result of this illusion, but lately even Mike Lee – Cruz’ heretofore soul mate – has rushed in front of reporters to denounce the notion. At least with respects to executive action on amnesty.

Then there’s that whirling dervish of recent incoherence Rand Paul, who called the shutdown a “dumb idea” – yet said he might vote for it again.

And let’s not forget Hume, who was furrowing his brow and earnestly and painfully insisting in his best conventional wisdom jargon that the GOP would get the blame for any shutdown.

All of this leads us to some conclusions: first among them is that Cruz is a uniquely fearless leader with acute situational awareness. He alones seems to realize that the real problem was not the bind he put other Republicans in, but the fact that they did not all join him. “All 45 Republicans should have stood together,” Cruz said in Sarasota.“The Washington establishment once against refused to listen to the American people and just made the problem worse.”

He’s right. People in Washington don’t listen to anyone not in Washington – unless they work for a New York media outlet – or are a paid professional crony liberal like Jonathon Gruber. Washington is unfamiliar with us now. The elites are clueless, even after the mid terms. And now it appears that even Senators Paul and Lee have been infected with Potomac Fever. Many on Fox News are long gone. Thank God for talk radio and the internet!

We might need to quarantine Cruz, to make sure he doesn’t get contaminated. Because we might need him to shut this sucker down again soon. And it will be a good thing. We’ll call it Cruz Control.


He is the gift that keeps on giving…..

Jonathon Gruber, in his arrogant condescending honesty, has done the nation several tremendous favors. The most obvious, of course, is that he has dramatically increased the chances that the Supreme Court will strike down the heart of the law in the upcoming cases before the court – officially named King V. Burwell. (Sylvia Burwell replaced Kathleen Sebelius at HHS).

Think about it: The tortured language used in the law mirrors the tortured absurdities Chief Justice John Roberts used in his last second and stunning decision on the last legal challenge. Justices do read the tea leaves, the papers, the public opinion polls, the internet – and they watch cable, if not also listening to some talk radio. This whole Gruber dynamic has certainly shamed Roberts. I’ve always thought he had buyers remorse on this catastrophe – and now, thanks to King V Burwell (along with Halbig and the other related cases) he will have a second bite at the apple.

A happy collateral benefit: Gruber will take down Obama Care AND any notion of Mitt 2016

A happy collateral benefit: Gruber will take down Obama Care AND any notion of Mitt 2016

Someone who won’t have another bite at the apple, however, is Mitt Romney. No one’s talking about this angle yet, but this very likely is the end of the abortion known as Mitt 2016. Romney is almost as tied to Gruber as Obama is. Gruber’s role in Romney-Care as a chief architect of the law will certainly emerge as a narrative soon.  Mitt was in a weak position to run against Obama Care in 2012, and he’s even weaker now. Call this a delicious collateral side effect.

This episode is also weakening President Obama and all Democrats because people are starting to connect some dots – dots that always seemed damn obvious to me – that liberal elitists like Gruber (and Obama) always govern this way. Not just Obama Care – but on everything. This is life under the Democrats: they think you’re too stupid to make your own decisions, so they’ll just make them for you and enlist an army of drone bureaucrats to make sure you do. The increasing awareness of this will continue to drive down public opinion on Obama Care, Obama, the Democrats in Congress, and the entire notion of the bureaucratic state.

And as the entire notion of the bureaucratic state gets tied to this – and the Democrat Party gets tied to the notion of the bureaucratic state – this will indeed be a gift that keeps on giving. As conservatives, we’ve always known who the liberals are – what they really wanted and what they really think about the country – and now we have it on video.


It’s interesting that every single population group in the country is becoming more and more familiar with Obama Care architect Jonathon Gruber – with the exception of elected Democrats. Suddenly, they have no idea who the hell this guy is. What does he know? He didn’t have anything to do with this bill? Nancy Pelosi said so. Yesterday.

The hip youthful leader of the House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, apparently is having memory lapses.

The hip youthful leader of the House Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, apparently is having memory lapses.

Ruh Roh.

There’s this little annoying thing called the internet, and a little annoying site called YouTube – and by God – not only are Gruber’s greatest hits on there, so is a lot of proof that Pelosi and Obama and all the liberals and Democrats in charge of ramming this obamanation through Congress know good and damned well who he is. They very often deferred to his expertise as proof that Obama Care was wonderful.

And now we know his expertise was in lying to the low information voter, knowing the intellectual vapid and uncurious media would fall for it too. The only thing he left out of his “stupidity of the voters” comment was the similar stupidity of the Jurassic media. Without the latter, there wouldn’t have been enough of the former for this to pass. I mean, it barely passed anyway, and had the language not been so intentionally “tortured” – there likely would have been enough Democrats scared of signing onto it that it would not have passed.

This tells us two important things about liberal elitist totalitarians. They hold the voters, especially those stupid enough to vote for them, in great contempt. As such, they hold themselves out as the only ones smart enough to run everyones’ lives – so it’s okay to lie so they can get the power to do so. The other thing it tells us is that old school Democrats like Pelosi and Harry Reid – both 74 – haven’t figured out yet that their 50 year habit of re-writing history no longer works. Either that, or they’re so arrogant as to think it won’t matter. Maybe both. Technology has come back around to bite them on their drooping hind quarters.

And it’s just so funny.  And so important for the future too. Reality and history always favor conservatism over liberalism. Thanks to YouTube and other sites, the reality of history is but a click or two away.

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