More from BURN IT DOWN: Chapter Two THE DOG DAYS

by C. Edmund Wright on October 24, 2016


For ancient Romans, the dog days of summer ran from July 24th through August 24th, and the 1975 movie “Dog Day Afternoon” was set on August 22nd. For the Trump campaign and his media surrogacy, the dog days started on July 22nd, just eight hours after Trump climaxed at the Republican convention. In an early morning interview, the Trumpster somehow ended up on the grassy knoll babbling about Lee Harvey Oswald, the National Enquirer and Ted Cruz’s father. Who needs Lyin Ted’s eight million conservative voters anyway?

The critical Trump issue of our times.....

The critical Trump issue of our times…..

Apparently not Trump, as he threatened to start a Super PAC with the express purpose of kicking Ted out of elected office. And for good measure, he threatened one against Ohio Governor John Kasich too. Look, I don’t like Kasich, but people in Ohio do, and Trump could not afford to lose Ohio. Donald says he’s all about winning, but to him that typically means getting even. Here he was, at the apex of his campaign, trying to threaten and insult his way to party unity by rubbing salt into still raw wounds.

You might think that Trump would have earned some tough love from his surrogates over these unhinged screw-ups, and you would be wrong. Limbaugh heeded the mother’s admonition that if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. About the JFK nonsense and the moronic Super PAC threats he said nothing at all. Rush was continuing to indulge a narcissistic sociopath.

His crowning moment, the very morning after his nomination...he goes Lee Harvey Oswald on us...

His crowning moment, the very morning after his nomination…he goes Lee Harvey Oswald on us…

But back to Cleveland in July, or should I say Dallas in’63. Trump’s conspiratorial yammering was merely a harbinger as things went from Oswald to worse for him over the next thirty days. Donald lit one exploding cigar after another and went from being slightly ahead to trailing badly in the polls. Right after his convention, Trump was given a 58% chance of winning the White House by Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight group – then was downgraded to 27% only days later. Silver’s predictive work in the 2012 cycle was some of the best, so FiveThirtyEight’s analysis that Trump was in warp speed free fall was worth paying attention to.

Today on Planet Trump-o-tron: The Trumpanzees

by C. Edmund Wright on October 24, 2016

Just a few offerings from the Trumpanzees today — still under the psychotic delusion that all opposition to Trump is from the establishment. (yeah, we get it, some oppo is, but some of the estabs are on the Trump Train, and many anti- establishment warriors oppose the Orange one) or that Trump is going to win in a landslide. Enjoy:

That pretty much sums up the Trumpanzee Nation....

That pretty much sums up the Trumpanzee Nation….

NeverTrump cats and dogs who claim to be Republicans are just Demon-Krats — Hume, Krystol, Beck, the FNC toadies …-– would these be the Demon-krats Trump has donated to for forty years? 


So true. They’ve wanted to vote for Hillary (or Jeb) all along, and their arguments against Trump are just excuses. – yeah right, Jeb is the issue. That’s why he finished what, 14th? 

The Alpha male is what the women want and Trump is that. Trump knows what women need in life. – because having all your attorneys on speed dial screams ALPHA MALE! Trump is actually a beta – The Master Beta 

Nope they are the Slave Hunters for the Demokrat Plantation Overseers – like when Trump supported TARP, Obama Stimulus, Obama bail outs, ethanol…and on and on? 

Trump calls for more of the ethanol scam in Iowa...who is fighting the estabs again?

Trump calls for more of the ethanol scam in Iowa…who is fighting the estabs again?

They cannot believe how poorly Hillary is doing.
All they have left is lies. – well we’ll see shortly, won’t we? 

What I notice about people that like Trump is they know facts. – except that you don’t know squat about your NY liberal hero...

The lobbyists hire the consultants, run and finance their campaigns, write their speeches, and write the legislation. The Republican Party is filled with greedy, empty headed yes men. They really can’t absorb the content of this article — yeah, the only oppo to Agent Orange are the professional campaigners….

Trump is NOT a politician..all the bad stuff wh has gone on and IS going on, can be laid at the feet of ‘politicians’ for the last 30 years: –– except that he supported almost ALL OF THE BAD STUFF and almost ALL OF THE BAD POLITICIANS for those thirty years….

The Never Trumpers just LOVE to hang on their crosses. Donald isn’t perfect, but his a hell of a lot better than the alternative.– name one person who said they can’t support Donald because he wasn’t ‘perfect,’ You have a low low bar….

I will tell you. The polls are sampling as much as 20% more Dems than the GOP, then boast that she is ahead. ROYAL BS. -okey dokey then. 

Definitely hard to tell them apart.....

Definitely hard to tell them apart…..

It is increasingly difficult to discern the true difference between the elected R and D official’s agenda...- and it’s increasingly hard to tell the difference between Trump and Socialist Bernie Sanders on so many issues….

Trump V Ryan: Who’s the REAL SELL-OUT?

by C. Edmund Wright on October 24, 2016

Donald J. Trump, and his campaign offices at Breitbart, Hannity and Limbaugh — have now joined a scorched earth effort to defeat Paul Ryan, and take as many Republicans down with him. Thank you Der Fuhrer.


UGLY: Trump leading from behind….

But I digress. The idea is that Ryan is a typical RINO squish, someone who would rather work with Democrats than Republicans, and is a “traitor” and a “sell-out” globalist. Well, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, and you tell me who the real sell-out is. Below is excerpted from 2011 – my article at American Thinker titled “Translating Trump.” You will see that it is Trump, who is the squishy deal making sell-out — while he thinks Ryan is too extreme!

Yes, this is legitimate: HERE is the original article from 2011:

Here are excerpts that expose the lie that is the Trump campaign versus Ryan (who I am not a fan of by the way, but truth is truth):

TRUMP: But the Republicans shouldn’t get too far out because they’re already making plans to say, incorrectly, that the Medicare is gonna be terrible for the seniors, et cetera, et cetera.  This is Obama’s fight, and he should be leading it as the president.  We shouldn’t get too far out in front…. but I will say, Rush, the Republicans have to be careful.  And I’m a fan of Paul Ryan, but he shouldn’t get too far out with some of these plans, because they’re gonna belabor it. One thing with me: If I decide to run I am gonna cherish senior citizens.  And the Democrats, and I know ’em all because as you know I come from New York and it’s virtually a hundred percent virtual Democratic, right?

A certain candidate is trying to destroy his own party in the final days...

A certain candidate is trying to destroy his own party in the final days…

EDMUND’S TRANSLATION: If you think John McCain would reach across the aisle, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.  Hell, I’ve lived most my life ON the other side of the aisle.  We can’t be pushing these extremist government cuts. I’ll take RINOism to a whole new level. Oops.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that on the Rush Limbaugh Show.  For a minute I thought I was on with Greta or Imus.  Did I talk about Republicans in the third person? Crap.

TRUMP: He’s (Ryan) doing a plan, he’s done a plan, he’s come out, and what the Democrats — and I see it more and more and I hear from them because, again, you know, living in New York that’s what I see is Democrats all over the place –– are going to do is say it’s attack on Medicare. And Medicare to a lot of people means seniors, and that this is a very strong attack on Medicare.  And I honestly think you have to go down the line in a bipartisan way. You have to go down with the Democrats.  I don’t think they should be too far out in front.  Don’t forget, we don’t have the president yet. Hopefully we will have. We don’t have. He’s supposed to be leading this attack, not us.  And they can do rejects, they can criticize his plan, but in my opinion… You know, there’s an election in 2012, right?

EDMUND’S TRANSLATION: Oh hell, I’ve lost it now. Maybe um I can — er — bamboozle them with some of that um bipartisan work together stuff.  That works, doesn’t it?  Sounds good.  I’ll throw some Obama lack of leadership stuff in there and end with the upcoming campaign to change the subject.

TRUMP: You know, I’ve dealt with Democrats and Republicans all my life, and somebody said, “Oh, do you have that much experience politically?”  You know, I’ve dealt — and understand this better than anybody. I’ve dealt with politicians all of my life.  I’ve also dealt with foreign countries.  I’m doing jobs all over the world. I’ve dealt with foreign countries for a long period of time.  The fact is, I think somebody that got along with the Democrats — and I do get along. Now, you know, that could change instantaneously. You understand that.  But the level of animosity… You know, in the old days “across the aisle” wasn’t the worst thing. People got along.  Today, the level of hatred, the level of anger — and I’m the most militaristic person there is, if they treat me improperly.  But I think having a little bit of a relationship on the other side of the aisle is not so bad, Rush, where deals can be made.

EDMUND’S TRANLSATION: Look you right wing Republican idiots.  Doing deals and working across the aisle is the way we have to go.  You just haven’t had the right guy doing it up to now.  You need me, because I’m the best ever. Look, I know the Chinese and I know the Democrats, and I can deal with both.  Because I’m Trump and you’re not.  So there.

The Hannity Chapter:

by C. Edmund Wright on October 20, 2016

cu0izssuiaa0zkbIt will be one of the most astonishing bits of the upcoming book…..this kind of sums up Sean’s behavior during the past 16 months:


Teaser Excerpt from BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE: Rush Limbaugh and the Trump Illusion

October 18, 2016

From CHAPTER ONE: (may change slightly before publication): Rush Limbaugh has long proclaimed that his show is a “relentless pursuit of the truth” and that he is “America’s Truth Detector.” He stakes claim to the title of the “Mayor of Realville” and has always declared, “words mean things.” He even refers to his combined media […]

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Trump Trends: Down, then up, Now down again?

August 23, 2016

Donald Trump was in pretty good position coming out of the GOP convention. He had a bit of a bump, and was ahead in a good number of polls and close in the others. I felt like he had about a 60% chance of winning at this point. Then he had his dog days…about four […]

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Funniest Political One Liner….Ever!

August 5, 2016

And dadgum, I didn’t write it….Kevin Williamson at NRO did and it’s spit out your coffee funny….. “…Trump, a draft-dodger whose disabling bone spurs seem to have disappeared (mirabile dictu) once bragged that evading sexually transmitted diseases over the course of what he promises has been a somewhat exotic sex life was his “own personal […]

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History Will Vindicate Ted Cruz (UPDATED – Didn’t Take Long)

July 23, 2016

UPDATE: This didn’t take long. The very morning after his speech, Trump was out again referencing the JFK Oswald Cruz connection and praising the National Enquirer. Then on the Sunday Shows he again mentioned this idea of starting a Super PAC against…..CRUZ AND KASICH. Only a shallow child man would do say such things. Only […]

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It is on Trump – Like Every Nominee in History – to Unify the Party

May 31, 2016

Donald Trump might have written The Art of the Deal, but the title he should peruse today is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. His more vocal supporters, and by that I mean those who act out on the internet precisely as Donald does on the stump, should pick up a copy […]

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Trumpanzees Need to be held Accountable

May 6, 2016

Enough with the sore winners pity party already. I and many other columnists, commentators, and speakers have been accused of being a sore loser a few thousand times on this and other sites — and for the sake of argument I’ll admit those charges might have merit. But keep in mind, a sore loser is […]

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