UPDATE: This didn’t take long. The very morning after his speech, Trump was out again referencing the JFK Oswald Cruz connection and praising the National Enquirer. Then on the Sunday Shows he again mentioned this idea of starting a Super PAC against…..CRUZ AND KASICH.

Only a shallow child man would do say such things. Only shallow people will follow……


The fullness of time will vindicate Ted Cruz’s actions at the National Convention this week, and as a bonus, the reaction has exposed that Donald Trump has indeed jumped in between the sheets with the Republican Establishment. On the second point, let’s not quibble over who seduced whom.

I know that the conventional wisdom is that Cruz committed suicide. Good. Let’s check the scorecard of conventional wisdom.

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Donald Trump might have written The Art of the Deal, but the title he should peruse today is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. His more vocal supporters, and by that I mean those who act out on the internet precisely as Donald does on the stump, should pick up a copy as well. Both the candidate and his hard-core supporters have missed the idea that it is the job of the winner to unite a party.

Oddly the Trumpists defend their offensive and insulting demeanor by saying that neither John McCain nor Mitt Romney reached out to voters like them. Uh, well maybe…and how did that work out again? And Trump has not learned this lesson to date.

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Trumpanzees Need to be held Accountable

by C. Edmund Wright on May 6, 2016

Enough with the sore winners pity party already. I and many other columnists, commentators, and speakers have been accused of being a sore loser a few thousand times on this and other sites — and for the sake of argument I’ll admit those charges might have merit.

But keep in mind, a sore loser is one thing, but a sore winner is something else altogether.

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Get Over What About Trump Exactly…?

by C. Edmund Wright on May 5, 2016

Now we’re told at this early date to “get over it.” We being those conservatives who aggressively opposed Donald Trump, of course.

So what exactly should we get over? What does getting over it look like? Let’s explore.

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Trump and Supporters Insult Our Intelligence

May 4, 2016

AMERICAN THINKER May 4 I am not #NeverTrump, but I’m getting close… thanks to Donald Trump and his supporters. The fact is, Trump often makes profoundly stupid and manifestly false statements. These are the kind of statements that always offend the intellect of anyone who thinks analytically and is interested in the actual truth, regardless […]

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Coulter Versus Coulter

April 29, 2016

APRIL 29 AMERICAN THINKER You might say I was for Ann Coulter before I was against her. Or maybe that Coulter was for conservatism before she was against it, or before she was for Northeastern moderates Chris Christie, or Mitt Romney — and certainly before she was for northeastern liberal Donald Trump. That was before […]

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Donald Trump’s Embarrassing Third Place Finish in NY

April 23, 2016

APRIL 21 AMERICAN THINKER Do not be fooled by first impressions. Donald Trump might have rolled to 60 percent of the Republican vote in New York Tuesday night, but he came in a distant third in the big scheme of things nonetheless. Keep in mind, this is the candidate and the campaign that constantly pout […]

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FROM BREITBART: Rove-Stupid: WTF? Trump Goes Full Establishment Against Cruz, Scalia, Oil Industry

December 15, 2015

This is another installment of the series Rove-Stupid: The new definition of the Republican Establishment.  For months, Donald Trump has led the most successful push back against the Republican Establishment in recent history. For good measure, he has set political correctness back a few decades – and also taught conservatives and Republicans that they need […]

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FROM BREITBART: Rove-Stupid: The GOP Establishment Launched Jihad Denial with Religion of Peace Narrative

December 15, 2015

When Pam Geller recently rebuked Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the media for their reality-free “Jihad Denial” syndrome, she hit the nail on the head. The left is clearly full of Jihad deniers at every level of the Democrat Party, academia and the media – not to mention the nakedly political Justice Department and other […]

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FROM BREITBART: Rove-Stupid: Lindsey Graham Irrelevant – But His Rants at Trump, Cruz Are Teachable Moment

December 14, 2015

Lindsey Graham is totally irrelevant as a contender in the 2016 Republican Primary season, barely registering a blip on the radar of any poll. Having said that, he still remains a shining repository of stale and silly conventional Republican establishment thinking. These misguided beltway conceptions are the fault line threatening to fracture the potential Republican […]

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