Finally got around to a project several associates had insisted I take up: which is, to watch the House of Cards show on Netflix. Did so Saturday, power watching the first 8 episodes.  And the first four episodes? WOW. Nail on the head. The next four were not quite as excellent – but this is not about a critical review.

This is about Washington, and the idea that as long as our Congress lives most of the time in that wealthy cesspool, we will never get good governance. With even the most pedestrian of today’s technology – our Congress does not need to be in Washington, or in the same location, to do their business. In fact, as long as they are all together, along with their out of touch staffers, agenda driven lobbyists, the media mavens, etc – they will never really do the business they are supposed to do. It isn’t happening, and it won’t happen – because with human nature being what it is, it cannot happen. That is, until they are forced to serve in their districts – at least for the majority of the time – and deal with real people face to face and lobbyists, media types, and other parasites long distance.

This would change everything. Gone would be the clubbiness, the aphrodesiacal nature of concetrated power, etc. That’s the idea behind a virtual Congress, which we call iCongress.

Without having this as a major goal – or even a goal at all – House of Cards has made it clear that what does on inside Washington has nothing to do with what’s good for the country. It has to do with what’s good for those players in Washington, and their pet niche constituencies (like unions). Constituents are not a factor at all in the first 8 episodes. Neither is the House Chamber, which has not made a single appearance in the first 8 chapters.

What an eye opener: I’ve taken a lot of notes watching this (I know, it’s a curse) – and I’ll be breaking this down more soon.



That Great Philosopher, Ray Stevens, on Immigration

by C. Edmund Wright on July 17, 2014

This brillant pardody says it all – and funny, too.

Steven’s lyrics are just common sense, the kind most of us have…..but is so rare inside Washington.



Three stories in the last few days, one from The Hill, another from the National Journal – and a Rasmussen poll have all verified one thing. This immigration issue, and amnesty, are NOT political winners. This, of course, is vexing the wizards inside the beltway of DC.  This is, of course, is what we all knew instinctively – those of us who do not live in the cloistered zip codes around Washington.

This also destroys the wisdom of the Republican elites, who have been telling us – because Chuck Schumer and the media has been telling them – that the GOP would destroy itself unless it joined Democrats in comprehensive immigration reform.  And when you work with Democrats on this issue, you are talking amnesty.  Now this was never believed by anyone outside Washington – because it is just not the case.

Everything about the conventional wisdom on immigration has been disproven. Period. And we all knew it from the jump.  Just more proof we have a government class isolated from us, and more fuel for the virtual congress fire!

Peggy Noonan has been very slow over the past ten years or so to connect with the thought processes of the Reagan base American – ironic, since she was at one time one of his top speechwriters. This is what too many years in the power circles will do to you. And allow me to add another point – which is that the isolation that those who live in Washington have from the rest of the country – has a branch office in the Manhattan media section. (We’ll feature exhibit A for this dyamic, David Brooks, soon.)

But Noonan does nail it pretty good in this article.  Here are some pull quotes:

“All this gives normal people a feeling of besiegement and foreboding. Is a nation without borders a nation? Washington’s leaders seem to recognize what’s happening as a political problem, not a real problem. That is, they betray no honest alarm. They just sort of stand in clusters and say things.”

“It’s like you live in a house that’s falling apart. The roof needs to be patched and there are squirrels in the attic, a hornet’s nest in the eaves. The basement’s wet. The walkway to the front door is cracked with grass growing through it. The old boiler is making funny sounds…”

“You call the cops. At first they don’t come. Then they come and shout through a bull horn and take some of the kids and put them in a shelter a few blocks away. But more kids keep coming! You call your alderman and he says there’s nothing he can do. Then he says wait, we’re going to pass a bill and get more money to handle the crisis. You ask, “Does that mean the kids will go home?” He says no, but it may make things feel more orderly.”

“You call the local TV station and they come do a report on your stoop and then they’re gone, because really, what can they do, and after a few days it’s getting to be an old story.  No one’s in charge! No one is taking responsibility. No one who wants to help has authority, and no one with authority is helping.”



Anywhere but Washington, heads would roll, jail time would be handed out (iCongress)

July 9, 2014

As if we needed more evidence that Washington is a cesspool of power, corruption, money and incompetence, here some more evidence is:  From The American Thinker, and the AP, 100 billion in improper payments by our magnificent and efficient gummint! LINK TO ARTICLE HERE

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From Sam Sorbo Show: Analogy of the year! (the REAL artificial intelligence ((AI))

July 9, 2014

In my regular Wednesday chat on the nationally sydnicated Sam Sorbo Show, she and I were discussing bureaucrats and bureaucracies, and how the unelected, unaccountable, unseen bureaucrats were the biggest threat to our freedoms. Sam and I agreed on that point. In my book “You Might Be a Liberal” – I demonstrate how the liberal […]

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Thought for the day: Congress should have “reverse seniority” – (iCongress)

July 8, 2014

In Congress, there is almost nothing that it as sacred as seniority. Senoirity means you have more power, more staff, more lobbying contacts, more campaign money, and more clout within the strange and largely unseen world of the internal politics of the two parties in Washington. Now on the one hand, this is intuitive and […]

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Senator Pat Roberts: 47 years estranged from Kansas….(iCongress)

July 7, 2014

If you thought Thad Cochran was out of touch with Mississippi after 42 years in Washington (and everybody did) – then take a gander at Kansas Senator Pat Roberts. He’s been in Congress for a combined 47 years. And he is just as out of touch with Kansas as Cochran was with Mississippi. In fact, […]

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McCain Steps in it bigtime on Mississippi Campaign (iCongress)

July 5, 2014

There are few, if any, lawmakers any more out of touch with the rest of the country than John McCain. Well, perhaps only Thad Cochran. Concerning which, the Arizona Senator recently said that the win by Cochran over Chris McDaniel was “worth emulating.” Later that same day, some of those tactics “worth emulating” came to […]

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While America burns…..Boehner tans. (more iCongress)

June 29, 2014

The IRS scandal is most dangerous development in our lifetimes for the future of this country. Barack Obama, by way of John Koskinen, Lois Lerner, Steven Miller and others has literally unleashed the most corrupt and over reaching department of government to simply be a political arm. Not only that, they can apparently lie – […]

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