Zero for Five Thousand (Anti Edmund Comments)

by C. Edmund Wright on May 5, 2016

If you’ve wandered over to this site as a result of one of my pieces on American Thinker or Brietbart – welcome.

I’ve been busy on a book and other projects, as well as American Thinker, Breitbart, Newsmax TV and Talk Radio Network. Don’t spend much time here – but thought I’d drop by to mention that over the past week, there have been over 5 thousand commenters on my work at American Thinker.

Most of it was hateful and anti Edmund – and pro Trump. However, of those five thousand – this is how many Trumpanzees actually commented on the substance of the articles, which was largely quoting Trump himself: ZERO.

That’s right: 0 for 5000. Trump bots prove my case daily.

This is another installment of the series Rove-Stupid: The new definition of the Republican Establishment. 

For months, Donald Trump has led the most successful push back against the Republican Establishment in recent history. For good measure, he has set political correctness back a few decades – and also taught conservatives and Republicans that they need not fear the media.

All of which are remarkable and important. All of those are part of the reason for even running the “Rove-Stupid” series of article. Conservatives owe him a debt for that, even if he were to accomplish nothing else. These wonderful assaults have all come from the right. This is why I would support Trump against any Democrat and most Republicans.

But then there’s this bizarre weekend – when Trump managed to go full establishment – or perhaps even further left –  against Ted Cruz, the oil industry, conservatives in the Senate and Antonin Scalia. In case you missed it, Trump criticized Cruz for opposing ethanol subsidies and insisted that Cruz only does so due to his ties to big oil. This was not only a shameless liberal pander to the Iowa ethanol interests, it was using a left wing talking point against Cruz.

Republicans have supported ethanol in the past, but I can’t remember any of them accusing opponents of being merely tools of big oil.

With a Donald Trump like that, who needs Barack Obama or Rachel Maddow?

If that wasn’t enough, on Sunday he said Cruz is a “little bit of a maniac” with the implication being that Cruz’ refusal to play nice with Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell in the Senate was a bad thing. This sounds like something off of Lindsey Graham’s website, or something John McCain would say on Fox News Sunday.  I was waiting for him to call Cruz a wacko bird.

Trump also managed to take a gratuitous swipe at Justice Antonin Scalia that could have come out of the black lives matter movement. Quick Mr. Trump, let’s end this weekend from hell! 

None of this makes any sense to a lot of people, and it is going to cost Trump at least a little bit.  A lot depends on talk radio the next couple of days and the Tuesday debate.

Speaking of talk radio, I’m not alone here either. Over the weekend Mark Levin pushed back against Trump, asking on his Facebook page “does that make all conservatives who support Cruz against McConnell et al maniacs?” Actually, as Levin knows, that’s exactly what it means. It can mean nothing else in context.

Levin continued, asking “and he thinks Cruz is owned by the oil companies because he opposes tax payer subsidized ethanol – like most conservatives?” Again, yes, that’s the only and obvious implication. If Ted Cruz, Mark Levin,you or I oppose ethanol subsidies – it’s because big oil has us in their pocket. (Hell I wish they did personally – but no, my support for America’s energy production is simply based on logic).

Levin’s analysis? “Defending the GOP ruling class and lurching left are dumb tactics.” They are, and both are exactly what Trump did. He lurched left and defended the ruling class. Period. There is absolutely nothing conservative, small government, or Tea Party about supporting ethanol and encouraging decorum with the Mitch McConnell’s of the world.

This is an astonishing and unhappy irony given that Trump has been the GOP establishment’s worst nightmare for six months. So what is at the bottom of this ‘lurch to the left’ – as Levin puts it?

Unhappily, it might just be a window into who Donald Trump really is, something that I touched on in April of 2011 with the article Translating Trump.  I simultaneously praised Trump for showing conservatives how to fight and win – while warning conservatives that perhaps Trump was not a reliable conservative or the best answer for conservatives. I submit that the past six months have validated both assertions.

To wit, I warned in Breitbart in July of this year that Trump was making a mistake by attacking George W. Bush from the left on the Fannie/Freddie caused economic crash. The key phrase here is “from the left.” Nothing wrong with attacking W. Bush or any other Bush – as long as you do it from the Reagan right. Not only did Trump attack Bush, but he went out of his way to exonerate all Democrats and used MSNBC approved talking points in the process. I take no pleasure in such analysis, but why you attack matters as much as who you attack.

Red flag alert.

And this was not his only left inspired comment. The praising of universal government health care and of Scottish and Canadian health care in this debate season is known. As are his comments just a few short years ago about Romney’s extreme position on illegal immigration and Ryan’s extreme position on government spending. I’ve done my fair share of slamming Romney and Ryan – wrote a book doing so – but it’s crucial WHY you cast these aspersions.

More red flags.

There was very little appetite for these flags at the time. Which brings us back around to this past weekend. The man who has been the undeniable champion leading the charge against Washington for six months just went Washingtonian against the man who has been the champion of that battle for four years. And he slammed him for just that fight.

The man who has been fearless and blunt about everything went into full pander mode defending the corrupt crony ethanol complex. The man who has stared political correctness in the eye and laughed at it just waded hip deep in PC attacking one of the two conservative heroes on the Supreme Court. The man who has owned the media just got bamboozled by Jake Tapper.

Trump has a gift for inspiring people and for busting down doors that seem to impede everyone else in this arena. That is undeniable. Yet I’ve often written that the Republican establishment is a mindset as much as it is a group of people. Donald Trump has clearly not been one of those people – and yet – he was enveloped in that mindset this past weekend – as he has been in the past.

The question we must contemplate is this: was this 72 hours an outlier, or a bunch of red flags we should take heed of? This week might give us that answer.

Edmund Wright is a contributor at Breitbart, American Thinker, Newsmax TV and Talk Radio Network – and author of the Amazon Elections Best Seller WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again. 



When Pam Geller recently rebuked Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the media for their reality-free “Jihad Denial” syndrome, she hit the nail on the head. The left is clearly full of Jihad deniers at every level of the Democrat Party, academia and the media – not to mention the nakedly political Justice Department and other segments of law enforcement currently controlled by the left.

With regard to Islamic Jihad, people on the left are delusional. They are inane and childishly naive. Jihad denial is literally psychotic.

Yet Jihad denial did not first manifest in a big way on the left. No, the entire premise of Jihad denial was thrust into the national conversation when President George W. Bush called Islam “a religion of peace” just days after 9-11. True, Bush and his (Rove led) administration was not what many would call really conservative, but they are somewhat distinct from the hard core left.

And yet, just six days after 9-11 – at the Islamic Center in Washington, Bush said it was important for Americans to understand that the attacks “violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith” and “Islam is peace. These terrorists don’t represent peace. They represent evil and war.”

Well this was hardly an established fact. So why would Bush go out of his way to say so while the rubble is still smoldering and the body count not yet complete?  It’s the establishment’s reflexive fear of being called anything resembling a racist or religious bigot in the media – a fear that transcends any particular issue and embodies the very essence of the establishment’s low testosterone messaging. They were cowed into this as the media started to blame us for making them mad while simultaneously worrying incessantly about “anti Muslim backlash.”

Back lash? What about THE ORIGINAL LASH?  

Bush, being an establishment guy and surrounded by establishment advisors, continued three days later at a joint session of Congress, insisting yet again that Islam’s “teachings are good and peaceful, and those who commit evil in the name of Allah blaspheme the name of Allah.”

Is that what Allahu Akbar means? In context, no. It’s just not true, and it’s dangerous to pretend otherwise.Yet the very narrative that the left hides behind today was given a foundation and a springboard  courtesy of the Republican establishment’s fear based thinking. It is this very template that underpins the entire argument – fatuous as it is – for the denial of Islamic Jihad as the force behind virtually every terror attack of consequence on the planet.

Let’s connect some dots. In a broader sense, this is not an isolated event.  The Republican establishment has been complicit in  many of the most destructive narratives in our politics for years. This is in fact standard operating procedure.

After the 37 days of the 2000 Florida recount – and ultimately, Bush being declared the winner over Al Gore – the Bush-Rove machine contritely limped into the Oval Office promising a “new tone in Washington.” Never mind that neither Bush’s supporters nor Bush’s adversaries were the least bit interested in such a new tone, the Rove mind had divined that this was the right way to go to “heal the nation.”

The Democrats and the media never healed, and in fact attacked Bush for all eight years.

Meanwhile, the new tone meant never challenging the liberal narrative on anything for those eight years. It meant abandoning one of the most powerful weapons the White House has, the bully pulpit. Now this is a serious problem that transcends politics when you consider that the liberal narratives are almost never true.

In short, the Bush White House refused to do for the truth what the other side is more than willing to do for the lie – which is to repeat it and repeat it and repeat it. George W. Bush is no longer involved in any meaningful way, but Rove certainly is- and more to the point – so is the strategy of abandoning the truth in favor of appeasement in Republican establishment circles.

What’s worse, the establishment often does it as a way to sabotage their own conservative base.

So no, Islam is not a religion of peace – yet John McCain was on NBC just days ago insisting it was, and that Donald Trump was to blame for turning them against the United States. McCain of course was noted for insisting that “we have nothing to fear from an Obama Presidency” – as he was ostensibly trying to defeat Obama. Yes Senator McCain, we actually do have a lot to fear. And it’s no wonder you didn’t defeat him.

McCain’s take was a natural establishment reaction to the fear of being called racist, as was Mitt Romney’s insistence in 2012 that Obama was “a nice guy who is merely over his head.” No Mr. Romney, he is not a nice guy, and apparently not over his head when it comes to destruction. And no, real unemployment did not dip below 8% before the election, and no, free enterprise was not to blame for the economic crash of 2008, and no, ANWR is not some beautiful pristine preserve that will be decimated by drilling.

And not a word countering any of this from the establishment Romney Campaign. They in fact agreed with all of it, even as none of it is true. This same template applies to the phony yet accepted narratives about the war on women, Hurricane Katrina response, Abu Ghraib, the Swift Boats, conservative racism – and on and on. All of these are more powerful because the Republican establishment refuses to engage. And as phony arguments are not countered, we do not “move past” them. They simply harden.

This is why we have an electorate that simultaneously recognizes that the country is on the wrong track while exonerating Obama from any culpability for any of it. Narratives matter!

Including the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace – another destructive narrative brought to us by the Republican establishment.

The author is a contributor to Breitbart, American Thinker, Newsmax TV, Talk Radio Network – and author of several books including Amazon elections best seller WTF? How Karl Rove and the Establishment Lost…Again.












Lindsey Graham is totally irrelevant as a contender in the 2016 Republican Primary season, barely registering a blip on the radar of any poll. Having said that, he still remains a shining repository of stale and silly conventional Republican establishment thinking. These misguided beltway conceptions are the fault line threatening to fracture the potential Republican vote – thereby ushering Hillary Clinton into the Oval and perhaps Harry Reid back into the Majority Leader’s office.

Thus Graham’s words are illustrative whenever he goes off on one of his girlish rants about saving the Republican party from itself, which he has done twice recently. This salvation “from itself” mission has been the template that undergirds the entire Graham for President effort (a silly concept on its face) – and was what prompted him to ditch his prepared remarks recently and take out after Ted Cruz at the Republican Jewish Coalition, and in saying a day later that we should tell Donald Trump to go to hell. The latter was just and extension of his multi-month – and totally ineffective – crusade against Trump.

Can you imagine Graham ever telling Barack Obama or Chuck Schumer – or any Democrat for that matter – to go to hell?

To fully understand what Graham means by saving the party, we must define the “Republican Party” as the House of Cards GOP establishment in Washington – and define “itself” as the conservative base electorate. Yes Graham, like the entire DC establishment, bizarrely think that the only way to save the GOP is to reject its best potential customers and its natural constituency. You can only get such wizardry in Washington.

Concerning which, the entire sorcery of the brilliant ones in Washington can be boiled down to a few words: Mr. Candidate, elections are always decided by the 20% in the middle, and the only way to win that 20% is to pretend to be Democrat-lite and not offend anyone. And only we can help you do that. Now, that will be 25 thou a month and 3% on the ad buy. Oh, and ten points on the fund raising. Deal? 

That’s it. It’s no deeper than that. This shallow philosophy is what passes as deep insight in the Republican establishment. This thinking also envelopes media mavens like Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer, George Will and the entire Wall Street Journal team. And yes, let’s include faux Republican tokens like David Brooks at the NY Times and Jennifer Rubin at the Washington Post for good measure.

They all believe this, and they do so with an angry elitist arrogance that borders on psychosis. Yes, psychosis, because such a theory does not come close to standing the test of external reality – not in the past 35 years. It’s quite the opposite in fact.

Consider a very rapid and generalized trip down memory lane: Ronald Reagan has the two most impressive wins during that time, and he totally rejected the “pale pastels” notion of running as a moderate Democrat-lite. George H.W. Bush, running as Reagan’s third term, won easily as well. Once H.W. Bush 41 ran as a moderate – which he clearly did in 1992 – he got spanked by Bill Clinton and only received 38% of the popular vote, embarrassing for any incumbent.

In 1996, Dole-Kemp ran a classic establishment moderate campaign and the results were disastrous. Need I mention the efforts of John McCain in 2008 and Mitt Romney in 2012? More of the same. Mushy campaign. Big Democrat win.

And this theory is borne out in mid terms as well. The three big historical victories won by Republicans during these 35 years were the mid terms of 1994, 2010 and 2014. These are, not coincidentally,  the three off year cycles when there was a rather clear, partisan and idealogical essence to the Republican campaigns. It was not a case of going right in the primaries and veering to the center for the general. It was a case of articulating why conservatives are right and liberals are wrong.

Sure, there are some other nuances – but the biggest underlying factor in all three cycles was the philosophical battle over whether a corrupt and incompetent government should run our lives or not – as championed by a government take over of health care. (Hillary-Care in 94, and Obama Care in ’10 and ’14).  Those were obviously foundational philosophical battles.

History is crystal clear. When elections are ideological – and the divide is large and obvious – Republicans win big. When elections are unclear philosophically, and the differences are not stark and clear, Democrats win big. When the ideological gap is somewhere in the middle, the races are always very close. Think GWB in 2000 and 2004.

And yet, today’s establishment insists that history is on their side. They strangely ignore everything since 1980 and harken back to Barry Goldwater in 1964 to prove their case.

Graham is just an extension of John McCain’s anti Goldwater message of mushiness. So are Jeb Bush and John Kasish. This is the Karl Rove wing of the party. This is the wing that will fight brutally and ruthlessly against Reagan – against Trump and Cruz – and that savaged Newt Gingrich and immediately insisted that Barack Obama “is a nice guy.”

They harbor the fantasy that it’s a good thing in the primary to destroy your own party, and yet the only way to win the General is to go full kid glove.  It’s absurd. It’s demonstrably false. It’s 180 degrees out of phase with historical reality. It is, classically, the Rove – Stupid Republican Establishment.



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